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IDEA version 4.1.3E has been released!!!
Single page or multi page PDF images with hyper linked index information in ODBC compliant Microsoft Access format included.
Single page or multi page TIFF images with hyper linked index information in ODBC compliant Microsoft Access format included.
IDEA Scanner Driver now available for the Kodak i600 series, Fujitsu fi5900C, fi-5750, fi-6130, fi-6230, fi-4340, Canon DR7580, Panasonic KV-S3065C, KV-S2046C, KV-S2026C, KV-S3085C, and KV-S3105C.
PowerScan for the Kodak I-800 Family now supported.

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The Problem...
Capturing your business documents and all the information contained within, then deliver the images and data to any global or local destination in an efficient, and reliable manner.

The Solution...
PowerScan, Inc., a pioneer and market leader in document capture and image processing technologies, has software products that easily, reliably, and efficiently solve this exact problem.  Whether the destination is a traditional retrieval system or a more advanced Document Management system, we have a product that will provide high quality images and data to your Business Information Systems.

Newest Release Image Capture
Digital Object Processing
is a new generation  software product designed specifically for the capture and processing of digital objects in a fully integrated environment.

's state-of-the-art technology gives users the power to collect any type of digital object from the widest range of scanners, the Internet, e-mail, faxes, color photographs, forms, video clips Environment.
ís open framework supports a wide range of processing modules for OCR/ICR, forms processing, barcoding, indexing, items processing, etc and allows users to simply "snap in" the technology they need for their specific application and run those processes from any workstation in a fully integrated environment.
PowerScan is our powerful image capture software, making it possible for you to scan large volumes of documents using a broad array of popular production high speed scanners.

Legacy Applications

Post Capture Image Processing
StageWorks is our feature rich and fully scalable image processing software suite that enables users to process images through a wide variety of "stages," such as Visual Quality Control, Rework, Indexing, OCR, Image Clean-Up, and data formatting for export.  In addition, a tool set consisting of a 32bit OCX, a 16bit VBX, and the Script Tool, allows the user to create their own stage or format the data to virtually and target system.